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Best rate guarantee

We guarantee that the accommodation charges offered on the Official website are the lowest prices from other accommodation sites.

  • If the guest booked on the Official website of Shinyokohama SK hotel,
    If it is sold at a cheap price even though it is the same condition as the accommodation contents sold on other reservation sites,
    Please contact the hotel you have booked within 12 hours of booking.
    If you check in advance and the best rate is not observed,
    We guarantee that you will stay at the same price as the lowest price we received from you.
  • 【Best rate guarantee conditions】
    The following conditions must be met in order to guarantee the best rate.

    ・Same hotel
    ・Same night(Arrival/Departure date)
    ・Same number
    ・Equivalent room type
    ・Same stay time(Check-in/Check-out time)
    ・Same payment method
    ・Same cancellation conditions
    ・Same service and privilege contents(amenities included)
    ・Reservation on the website
  • 【Not covered by the best rate guarantee】

    ・Fees that are not publicly announced, such as corporate contract fees
    ・Fees for specific member organizations
    ・Package fee including facility use other than accommodation, transportation, meals, etc.
    ・Fees where the hotel cannot participate in the sales amount such as sales by travel agents (arranged trips, etc.)
    ・Fees for auction sites (joint purchase sites, etc.)